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StyleLex panels are designed for use in exterior covered areas and feature optimized plywood cores for unrivalled performance and durability in lifestyle joinery projects.

StyleLex’s extensive range of surface finishes include Matte, Woodgrain and Textured finishes.

  • ▷ UV and moisture resistant
  • ▷ Matching edgeband
  • ▷ Easy fabrication methods
  • ▷ Carcass panel for the complete cabinet solution
  • ▷ Double sided panels
  • ▷ Impact resistant
Sample Selection
Urban Crete
Urban Crete
Stoney Crete
Stoney Crete
Stippled Bark
Stippled Bark
Tanned Wood
Tanned Wood
Honey Oak
Honey Oak
Soutern Oak
Southern Oak
Aspen Wood
Aspen Wood
StyleLex Brochure
StyleLex Brochure
Face Panels

This high performance panel features eleven birch plywood layers that are bonded using a marine grade adhesive to create an outstanding application.

11 Ply
Carcass Panels

Durable and easy to clean white textured ABS skins over stable and strong falcatta/hardwood composite seven ply constructed plywood. The ABS skins have been formulated for high UV and chemical resistance. High moisture and heat resistant adhesive systems used throughout the panel.

5 Ply

“StyleLex is a versatile cabinet panel solution system for your covered outdoor entertaining space”

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StyleLex in use

Technical Guide

Design Guidelines

StyleLex panels are designed for indoor or covered outdoor use for cabinets and joinery. StyleLex is not designed for structural applications or external wall cladding.

For outdoor use they must be positioned in an opaque covered outdoor area with a minimum of 1.5 m overhang on all sides. The StyleLex panels should not be exposed to more than 4 hours of direct sunlight per 24 hour period.

Highly exposed gable or plant on ends are not recommended, we suggest bench top finishes be used to finish cabinet ends in those circumstances.

StyleLex panels are combustible and should not be used directly adjacent to gas cooktops or barbeques. Typically a 200 mm clearance will be required from the perimeter of the burner to the StyleLex panel. Designers should always consult the relevant gas and fire protection codes in your region.

Stylelex should never be immersed in water or directly exposed to water events such as rain or washing directly with a hose.

We recommend on edge band to sand, polish and finish with a water based clear sealer.

Fabrication Guidelines

StyleLex panels can be fabricated using conventional decorative panel woodworking equipment.

Edge band performance will be best using PUR adhesive technology. All StyleLex panels should be edged on the whole perimeter to achieve maximum durability.

StyleLex panels can be drilled, screwed and glued using the same techniques as other wood core panels.

StyleLex panels should not be slid on each other or on machinery during the fabrication, always lift the panels as required.

Fixing Guidelines
  • Load bearing shelves max of 600mm spacing
  • Hinges max of 300mm spacing
  • Drawer fronts max of 200mm spacing
  • End panels max of 200mm spacing
Care and Maintenance

StyleLex surfaces should be cleaned with a clean, damp microfiber cloth and warm soapy water.

For grease or more stubborn marks, mild household cleaners can be used.

Guaranteed Quality

All StyleLex panels are laminated by EGR using our premier polyurethane ( PUR ) reactive hot melt bonding system.

EGR’s facilities have been recognised for achieving ISO9001 Quality Management certification for their consistent performance and integrated quality assurance systems.

StyleLex in use
Above: Honey Oak covered outdoor kitchen from the StyleLex Woodgrain range.
Panel size 2440 x 1220 x 17 mm 2440 x 1220 x 17 mm
Density 700 kg/m3 400 kg/m3
Weight 12 kg/m2 8 kg/m2
Resistance to staining High Moderate to High
Chemical resistance High Moderate to High
Environmental E1 E1
Layers 13 9
Carcass Panel

StyleLex carcass panels are engineered for high humidity and high heat environments. The panels will not swell, warp or delaminate under normal residential cabinet conditions.

StyleLex carcass panels feature a white textured surface which is easy to fabricate, clean and maintain..

For maximum durability we recommend the StyleLex carcass structure be supported on legs and not in direct contact with the floor where water or debris could accumulate.

Carcass panels should be edged on the whole perimeter to achieve maximum durability.

Use conventional ABS white carcass edge tape with a light textured finish and best colour match for these panels.

StyleLex Documents
StyleLex Brochure
StyleLex Carcass Data Sheet
StyleLex Carcass Specifications
StyleLex Face Data Sheet
StyleLex Face Specifications
StyleLex Warranty
StyleLex Beach
Above: Southern Oak covered outdoor kitchen from the StyleLex Woodgrain range.
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